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woensdag 24 december 2014

Merry Christmas

I just want to wish you all, beautiful, cosy christmasdays and all the best wishes for 2015!

I hope you can spend the holidays with dear family and friends!

Lot`s of love,


vrijdag 14 november 2014

Autumn in Norway

Together with my daughter Isabeau, I went visiting our friends in Norway, for a week. It was, off course, very nice seeing them again. We enjoyed being together with our friends again, did some walking in the beautiful nature there, and a little bit of shopping...but, see for yourself...

It was a wonderfull week...
Thanx dear friends, for having us!

A great weekend to all of you!!!



zondag 5 oktober 2014


Hi everyone,
slowly days are getting colder, or actually I should say, nights, because in the daytime when the sun is shining it is still very warm. Some mornings I already saw the moist spiderwebs at several places, so it is really becoming Autumn.

Here in our home I changed something again (of course!). The (fake)fireplace moved to the front of the house, so now we can see it when we sit on the bench.
Nice with some candles on it..at night!

Here in the corner, I made an old "firebucket" myself, because I am serching for a real old one for some time, but didnt find it yet...

Also this old chair got a new "dress", from an old flour sack.
I really like the new corner in our home!

"Autumn...the year's last, loveliest smile"

W.C. Bryant

I wish you a nice Autumn week!


zondag 7 september 2014


Hi everyone,

finelly I can show you our achievements from the days we stayed home in our holiday! Most of it we did actually in our holiday, buth just recently one thing we finelly bought to make it perfect...you wonder what?
For a long time I "hated" our upper kitchencabinets, and I always wanted to give
our kitchen a little bit more "brocante-style", like the rest of our house, so finelly we removed them, buth were to put the things that were in it? So, we surched for a small closet which fitted on the other site, I liked an old one, buth we didn't managed to find one, that leaves Ikea....till we do find an old one, at least.

And just the last few days we added a white
(and I hope this is the right word for it) kitchen hood,which you see here
Excuse me for the pictures with light, buth our kitchen is between the hall and

Also I was looking for a nice trim for our porch, outside, but also this I couldn't find, here in Holland, so my husband made it himself...

And for our cat, he made "steps" so he can sleep under the roof, which he likes very much!

Some more pic's from outside...

I hope you will have a nice sunday and a great week!



dinsdag 5 augustus 2014

It wasn't me...

Our holiday is over, unfortunately, but it was very nice, 2 weeks at home, were we didn't be idle, buth I will tell you this later. One week we spend in the South of England, with our kids, and we had very nice weather too! We rented an appartment in Worthing, which was nice, and when we looked out the window we could see the sea!

We did visit little towns like Hastings and Rye, which were very nice and typical english, I thought.

Our daughter wanted to see Brighton very much, because she met people, living there, on the internet.
We visited the Lanes, nice little streets, with nice, small shops, of course we visit the Brighton pier and Moo-moo's, where we drank a delicious milkshake, and we did eat at Nando's, all tips our daughter got from her friends on the internet.


The last day we travelled slowly to Folkstone, and visited  Eastbourne too. A few days after we were home again, we read in the newspaper that there was a fire at the Eastbourne pier, which destroyed it totally. But It wasn't me!!!

The famous "seven sisters"

Finelly we had to travel home again...

And of course we had to bring some souvenirs....

Next post I will show you what we did in the other 2 weeks of our holiday!

Have a nice week!!!