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donderdag 10 juli 2014

Belgium and Pastel

Last weekend my husband and I went to Belgium for the weekend. We stayed in a hotel in Wavre, and also visited some fleamarkets. While driving in our car, we saw a beautiful old castle, at least it used to be one, and I had to take some pictures.

Although the weather wasn't great, we visited a few fleamarkets an found some nice items.

The color of the shutters HAD to change, I new immediatlely!
And look were everything got it's place.

It's a wooden hand and the seller said it was from a mannequin, but I don't think so,
maybe from a holy statue?

And because I like the pastel colors so much, at this time, the shutters turned a sort of greyish
pink! I don't know if it stays this way...

From today we have our summer holiday, so maybe I'm not here so much ..
I wish all of you a beautiful, relaxing vacation!