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maandag 23 januari 2012


                                                    Perfumes are the feelings of flowers.
                                                                (Heinrich Heine)

Like many of you I added some hyacints into our living-room; and now, when they have grown for some time, you smell them when you come into the room...I like it, buth some people get a headache from it.
Did you also knew hyacint is used in many fragrances, for example Anais, Anais, Eau d´Eden and Givency 3!

Can you smell them????

A hush is over everything,
Silent as woman wait for love;
The world is waiting for the spring.
(Sara Teasdale)

Aren´t we??

Further I visited the new shop of Viana, from the blog Gustaviaans, she opened a shop, two weeks ago in Geleen, which is in the South of Limburg (Holland).
The pictures are not excellent, I´m sorry...

Very nice wallpaper.

Viana is very creative, she even does the upholstering of furniture, like this sofa.

Even her dog came with her to the shop.

Bloemenmarkt 1
6163 CE Geleen

Wishing you a great week!


zaterdag 14 januari 2012


It´s getting colder, here in the South of Holland: at night under 0 degrees, so I sat with my nice warm socks on the sofa and suddenly the sun appears.
So I grapped my camera and shoot some (close-up) pictures.

Underhand, I hope there will be snow: I like it soooo much when also nature turns white.

Have a blessed, perfect day to begin with!


donderdag 5 januari 2012

Keeping it simple

Zo na de drukke kerst(decoratie)tijd, heb ik altijd behoefte aan rust en weinig om me heen.
So nach den übervollen Weihnachtsdekorationen, mag ich nicht so viel Deko um mich herum.
Dit zeer oude ornament had ik bij Deja-Vu gekocht. Dieses sehr alte Ornament hatte ich bei Deja-Vu gekauft.

The ability to simplify means, to eliminate the unnecessary, 
so that the necessary may speak.
(Hans Hofmann)

Ook kocht ik nog n klein frans corsetje bij Rozmeen´s webshop "Your beach house".
Auch habe ich noch ein kleines Korset gekauft bei Rozmeen´s webshop "Your beauch house.

Maar....met kerst kreeg ik het boek "Vintage by Nina" en daar haalde ik ook weer inspiratie uit...
Aber...zu Weihnachten bekam ich das wunderschöne Buch "Vintage by Nina", und holte mir dort einige neue  Inspirationen raus...

Dat was het weer voor deze week. Ik wens jullie een fijn, gezellig en droog weekend toe!
Das war´s wieder für diese Woche. Ich wünsche euch ein tolles und trockenes Wochenende!

"There are not enough days in the weekend"
Rod Schmidt

maandag 2 januari 2012


First for everyone the best wishes for the new year!

Between Christmas and New Year we visited the beautiful store of Desiree, named "Deja-Vu", in Oosterhout, in Brabant, Holland (near Breda).
I knew Desiree already from Picasa , and visited her before, with my friend Myrna, who moved to Spain.
When you are near Breda, you HAVE to visit her shop! See for yourself....

Brocanterie Deja-Vu
Keiweg 82-84